The system provides heat not only for the wellness centre of Hotel Horal, but also for swimming pool water and hot domestic water prepara­tion. The water tempera­ture is maintai­ned at +36°C, the ambient air tempera­ture at +33°C.

Total capacity: 250 kW
5 outdoor units AJY14LALH
5 indoor hydromo­dules ATW-VRF

Multi-purpose building Uhersky Brod

Modern multi-purpose building in the centre of Uhersky Br­od.

VRF V-II system, 5 outdoor units and 38 indoor units

Hotel HORAL, Velké Karlovice

  • VRF V system A: 1 outdoor unit + 6 indoor units + AHU unit
  • VRF V system B: 1 outdoor unit + 10 indoor units + AHU unit
  • VRF V system C: 1 outdoor unit + 2 VRF-KITs connected to AHU unit
  • VRF V system D: 1 outdoor unit + hydromo­dule
  • VRF V-II system: 1 outdoor unit + hydromo­dule
  • split type units of server rooms, recepti­on, storage rooms and massage ro­oms
  • 10 outdo­or split units connected to 5 DUO hydromo­dules

Producti­on Hall JUTA, Dvůr Králové nad Labem

  • VRF V-II system, 5 outdoor units.

Hotel LANTERNA, Velké Karlovice

Two VRF systems and split types units in server rooms, spa and hotel ba­r.

  • VRF V-II system A: outdoor unit connected to AHU unit, 5 indoor u­nits
  • VRF V-II system B: outdoor unit connected to 6 indoor u­nits

Adminis­trative building NUTREND, Olomouc

A set of three outdooor units ensuring the cooling of a new adminis­trative buliding. The building offers 3000 sq­uare metres of offices and training faciliti­es.

VRF V-II system
3 outdoor units and 29 indoor duct units

ICT Technolo­gy Park, Tomas Bata Universi­ty in Zlin

The Technolo­gy Park consists of three buildings connected to the Faculty of Applied Informa­tics main building. It offers 5000 sq­uare metres of laborato­ries and offices.

VRF V-II systems: 9 outdoor units and 76 casset­te indoor u­nits

REVIRNI BRATRSKA POKLADNA, Health insurance company, Ostrava

  • VRF V system: 4 outdoor units and 31 indoor units
  • VRF V-II system: 3 outdoor units and 42 indoor units
  • 5 split type units

Hotel Castle Residen­ce, Prague

Newly reconstruc­ted historic building from the 18th century in Prague.